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In light of the fact that the United Kingdom, mostly with state terroristic Reactionary Violence, as explained by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, in consonance with the likes of Frantz Fanon, CLR James, Walter Rodney, Peter Fryer and Basil Davidson, continues with impunity to foster, impose and maintain its British imperial 2.0 dictatorship of the Coloniality of Power upon many artificially fabricated nation-states in Afrika and the rest of the Global South, that are inimical to the human, peoples' and Mother Earth rights interests of indigenous nations and their allied communities; plotting, designing and enforcing such impositions through misusing various organs and institutions for nefarious operations of Neocolonialism like the MI6, the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, Camberley in Surrey, the College of Policing at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry, British Academia, the BBC, the British Council, the so-called Commonwealth, the United Nations Security Council, the IMF, the so-called World Bank, the WTO, etc;

We in XRISN demand GLOCALIZATION in its Planet Repairs Internationalist Solidarity meaningfulness as an essentially necessary, indispensable, Reparatory Justice part of XR Strategy for proactively tackling the still Global North escalating Worldwide Climate and Ecological Crises, with emphasis upon globally winning substantial Justice for all, everywhere, for All Lives to Matter; so as to effectively counteract the sinister Divide and Misrule Greenwash Scam for only the Global North agenda of the Global Apartheid Racist Eco-Fascism we are seeing now enacted into legislation by the British Houses of Parliament; ensuring XR very well catalizes such GLOCALIZATION by way of our Planet Repairs Internationalist Solidarity enhancement of things like Maangamizi Ecocide Crimes Counteraction, with our participatory democratically unifying Peoples' Power of Movement of Movements' Merging Rebellion, as being expressed also through the Grassroots to Global Citizens Assemblies Process (G2GCAP).

Noting very well that, by GLOCALIZATION, we in XRISN, together with our Global South Communities of Resistance Link-Networking Partners, XRAAAN in Afrika, XRANA in Asia and XRRAAYS in South Abya Yala (South America including and beyond the Caribbean), mean not only thinking our Rebellion globally and acting it out locally within the United Kingdom, but, most importantly, doing so decolonizationally with due respect for Intersectionality, from the grassroots with the harmonising Strength of Principled Unity in the enriching Diversity of Pluriversality, in order to enhance the organic interconnectedness of groundup Planet Repairs Internationalist Solidarity between Global South indigenous and other Communities of Resistance and their own Movement of Movements' building endeavours, in equìtable link with those of the Global North!


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