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We have a duty here in the Global North to provide any security we can to Global South activists who are risking death and worse due to how they’re taking action with XR or relevant to XR.  One of the main ways in which we can increase security for them is by making their names, profiles, resistance and voices very visible within the internationalist community through the powerful utilisation of media. 


As such we are working hard in our own XRISN Media & Communications Team (MACOT) to develop our own media to platform our work and that of our networks in the Global Ssouth. We are doing so in collaboration with  XR-UK Media and Messaging Team in order to take other necessary steps to increase the security of grassroots activists, to platform the pluriversal worldviews of our connected Global South Communities of Resistance and to support that resistance and rebellion in the Global South as well as our own story.

Please explore our media and if you would like to connect with the MACOT team - email us here!






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