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Ubuntu Pacha Vidya

Community of Practice promoting UbuntuPachaVidya as a Unifying Peoples' Power for Co-Liberation Series of Planet Repairs Festivities of Cultural Resistance



UBUNTUPACHAVIDYA is a Global Justice conceptual framework of Intercultural Communion for the principled Internationalist Solidarity Defence of human, peoples' and Mother Earth Rights by the glocally unifying might of all Communities of Resistance. The term 'UbuntuPachaVidya'  has been coined in the Global Majority Decolonizational light of Cognitive Justice from a combination of the indigenous

  • Afrikan concept  of "Ubuntu"; (seeing one's own Humanity in the shared Humanity of all peoples of the World )


  • plus the indigenous Abya Yalan concept of "Pachamama" (Mother Earth);


  • together with the indigenous Asian concept of "Vidya" (true Knowledge);

  • altogether to mean "Sharing our Common Humanity in the 'All for One and One for All' One Love Embrace, true Knowledge and invincible Defence of our Mother Earth"!












UBUNTUPACHAVIDYA was originally conceived by the UBUNTUDUNIASAFO Pan-Afrikan Internationalist League of Freedomfighting Forces (UBUNTUDUNIASAFO-PAILOFF) and proposed in January 2021 through the MAATUBUNTUSAFO Pan-Afrikan Global Network of Communities of Resistance (MAATUBUNTUSAFO-PAGNOCOR) to the Extinction Rebellion Internationalist Solidarity Network (XRISN) through its Ghana-based Global South partner-network the Extinction Rebellion Affinity All-Afrikan Network (XRAAAN). After a series of consultative deliberations of XRISN with its Global South partner-networks, facilitated not only by the XRAAAN in Afrika but also by the XR Red de Afinidad de Abya Yala del Sur (XRRAAYS) and the XR Affinity Network of Asia (XRANA), it was agreed that UBUNTUPACHAVIDYA will be practically co-organised as a joint initiative of the VAZOBA Afrika and Friends Networking Open Forum, based in Accra, Ghana; the POLONIACOWAYA Network for Internationalist Solidarity Community Action Learning of Abya Yala, based in Bogota, Colombia; and the Vidya Safari Moksha (VSM), based in Kolkata, India.


Significantly, the agreement to co-organise UBUNTUPACHAVIDYA as such received the support not only of the Pan-Afrikan Rematriation Conclave of indigenous Community chiefs, elders and other dignitaries known as the MAATUBUNTUMITAWO Global Afrikan Family Reunion International Council (MAATUBUNTUMITAWO-GAFRIC), and of the Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Campaign (SMWeCGEC), but also of the newly emergent Youth-led Global Majority Versus Campaign (GMVs). This support continues to increase, with more coming from various formations in both the Global South and the Global North, such as the XR-UBUNTUNOVISI Bridge Afrikan Heritage Communities Family Action Learning Circle, the XR Abya Yala and Latinx Heritage Communities Affinity Network (XR-AYLHCAN) and the Majority World Internationalist Solidarity Coordinating Council of Communities of Resistance (MWISCCCOR)



UBUNTUPACHAVIDYA has as its overall Purpose:

"To promote the glocal harmonization of all the diverse but mutually enriching ways and means of authentic Grassroots Decolonizational Creativity in revitalising, particularly with Arts, Crafts, Edutainment and other forms of Cultures, the intergenerational Freedomfighting of indigenous Communities of  Resistance that have experienced Colonization in Afrika, Abya Yala, Asia, Oceania and other parts of the World; doing so glocally,  with a view to enhancing the Internationalist Solidarity galvanization of the principled unification of their Global Majority Peoples' Power, and best utilising it for stopping the harms of the Worldwide Climate and Ecological and all other related Crises; in order to glocally advance cooperatively in Co-Liberation to the definitive winning by all, in One Love togetherness, of Planet Repairs holistically to ensure Global Justice for all."


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