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Network building is and always will be at the heart of true solidarity work and the necessary rejection of colonial idividualism for the peoples road of collective struggle, joy and liberation. They span societies divides and along their lines of connection healing and victory can be found - we build and join networks because they are the skeletons upon which life sustaining communities of resistance can flourish. As part of the worldwide rebellion against extinction XRISN is building networks both within the UK and in partnerships with our sister networks across the Global South.

Glocal Link-Networking is the decolonizational  building, from grassroots localities, with due respect for Intersectionality, and high regard for the Cognitive Justice of Pluriversality, global connexions of People-to-Peoples' Internationalist Solidarity within and among Global South and Global North Communities of Resistance; in order to respectfully cultivate between the 'Wretched of the Earth', and other peoples of the Majority World and the Minority World, truly loving relationships of shared Freedomfighting Action Learning, mutually supportive Community Self-Empowerment and collective defence of human, peoples' and Mother Earth rights; geared in Self-Conscientization and Self-Determination towards the holistic Planet Repairs winning of Global Justice by and for all.

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