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ASASEYAAANIWA Media Sparksalert Action

A Global Justice Peace Concord (GJPC) Project as part of the Democracy Interconnexions for Planet Repairs Action Learning (DIPRAL) Endeavour of the Extinction Rebellion Being the Change Affinity Network (XR-BCAN).

Date: Wednesday, 29th June 2022 (Timed toward the 1st July 2022 Anniversary of the Proclamation of the independent sovereign Republic of Ghana by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah).

Venue: Ghana High Commission, 13 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PN, United Kingdom.

Theme and Focus: "Grassroots International Community Support for the Peoples of Conscience Demand for a Non-Violent, Free and Fair 2024 Electoral Process in Ghana Conducive to the Peaceful Being the Change for Planet Repairs Tackling of the Worldwide Climate and Ecological Crises!"

Co-Facilitators: Kobina Amokwandoh and Marina Tricks of the Global Majority Versus (GMVs) Campaign and the Majority World Internationalist Solidarity Coordinating Council (MWISCCCOR).

Libation by: Opanin Kwame Adofo Sampong of the Glocal Afrikan Reparations Forum of London (GARFOL) and the XR-UBUNTUNOVISI.

Panel contributions from:

Click below to watch the Press Conference!

Briefing info for additional context and framing:

The last electoral elections occurred in summer 2020 in Ghana, West Afrika. These elections were contested with the electoral commission being called for independent investigations into claims of electoral fraud. ( The elections were also violent with the deaths of various young and old voters at voting stations. This is the reactionary violence-engulfed environment of fear mongering around electoral politics and grassroots activism. One such party and civil society activist, Kaaka Mohammad, was killed shortly after raising criticism of governmental corruption. This pattern has continued with the murder of investigative journalists, extra judicial killings of indigenous earth defenders, and even the recent shooting of school children protesting outside a secondary school in Kumasi, Ghana.

The call for elections free of violence refers to the responsibility of peoples of conscience, particularly those constituting the Grassroots of the International Community, to hold accountable their own governments and corporations driving the ongoing Maangamizi continuation of criminal acts of Genocide and Ecocide in Afrika. The British Establishment is playing a special role in collusion with the current puppet regime of Neocolonialism in Ghana ( The current New Patriotic Party (NPP) Government has been in direct contact with the current UK Government, with ongoing expansion of security and financial interests, securing ongoing extractivist plunder of fossil fuels and other mineral and natural resources, as against the grassroots struggle for Planet Repairs.

True democracy for our Afrikan communities of resistance means self determined Planet Repairs for national liberation. It is the forces of reactionary violence, suppression, and oppression, which are being funded, trained and abetted by Western Governments, such as the US and UK (; it is their puppet regimes of Neocolonialism which are preventing the genuinely democratic victory of our ongoing intergenerational resistance for true national and social emancipation, so as to effect a decolonial paradigm shift away from the extractivist Coloniality of Neocolonialism, in order to work for Rematriation in ways of Mianogbenono Living, such as returning to the indigenous Afrikan community commoning of land, upholding Earth Sovereignty, glocally promoting Maat and Ubuntu values and principles and thereby faster enabling the Transformative Adaptation achievement of Planet Repairs in Global Justice meaningfulness. That is why this ASASEYAAANIWA (Mother Earth's Eyes) event is being co-organised by the Stop the Maangamizi Campaign and the Majority World Internationalist Solidarity Coordinating Council of Communities of Resistance (MWISCCCOR), among others, in partnership with XR-BCAN. This event is being co-organised together with XR-BCAN, as part of introductory steps toward our Democracy Interconnexions for Planet Repairs Action Learning (DIPRAL) Endeavour and its glocalization of its more specific Global Justice Peace Concord (GJPC) Project, that is working to interconnect, for Participatory Democratic Elections Monitoring Vigilance in Ghana, various progressive forces at the Grassroots of the International Community, in both the Global South as well as the Global North of our World today.

A vital role in support for this endeavour is our Global Citizenship Education promotional glocal advocacy for the Planet Repairs Action Learning Educational Revolution (PRALER) as a matter of the greatest urgency now. The decolonisation of education to stop the Maangamizi miseducation of all peoples is also necessary to end the ongoing separation of peoples. This education is also meaningful glocal education about the experiences of communities and their rights and resistance globally to better advance Planet Repairs Cognitive Justice. Ongoing education must recover the responsibility and conscience of peoples to be part of Changemaking as the Global Majority. (

This demand is an intervention to challenge global reactionary forces and hold them accountable for ongoing violence and to have an election free from the violent interventions of anti-democratic forces.

29th June 2022 also coincides with mass demonstrations for Freedom and Justice, called by the Arise Ghana Coalition, and ahead of the 1 year anniversary vigil convened by the Fix The Country movement for Kaaka Mohammed, who was killed extra judicially with impunity to this day. (

Tomorrow’s press conference will highlight the call for elections in Ghana free from violence, corruption and fraudulent criminality, noting the importance of Internationalist Solidarity Co-Liberation, Active Global Citizenship Monitoring, Earth Jurisprudence Observatory Vigilance through ASASEYAAANIWA and Global Justice Accountability utilising Law as Resistance. In this connection, we note and must highlight the recent examples participatory democratic victorious gains by our progressive forces in Colombia, Chile, and Bolivia to highlight the growing power of our Global Majority, at the Grassroots of the International Community; and increasing Being the Change for Planet Repairs potential in the Global South, that ought to be regarded as contributing to opening up new possibilities of the glocal Merging of our Planet Repairs Rebellions, together with our genuine Co-Liberation counterparts, here in the Global North.

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