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Coordinating Circle of Global South Diasporan Actions (CCOGSDA)

Seeking to establish the CCOGSDA as: a Co-Circle of the XRUK Actions Circle to serve Communities of  peoples emanating from the Majority World of the Global South who are in the United Kingdom to coordinate and design Planet Repairs  Rebellion actions suitable to the Global South diasporan Communities of Resistance - both for their participation in the actions and to win their support for such actions.

Facilitating global/cross continent XR initiatives. Representing the international context in the UK Action Circle. Listening and sharing feedback from the global xr community. Staying connected with the global community through Mattermost. Following the calendar of notable global events and xr actions. Help facilitate cross-country wave dates.  Facilitating and instigating solidarity and cross-country actions/waves. Facilitate the set-up of the UK's Global Solidarity Action Planners circle. Making sure the XR UK Action Strategy embeds an International Context/Focus and meets the overall XR UK strategy.


Connecting UK Rebels with the international XR community.
Representing XR UK Actions Circle internationally in cross-regional meetings, events, waves/actions.


> Design and keep updating Planet Repairs actions of Rebellion that creatively produce and advance, with due Cognitive Justice respect for Decolonization, cultural translations of XR's demands in accordance with its principles and values; 

> Doing so with decolonizational understandings of Pluriversality in terms of diverse community cultural nuances of the Global South and its diasporas own histories of intergenerational Resistance inside and outside of the Global North to create Planet Repairs Rebellion actions appropriate to the mutually respectful engagement of XR with Global South diasporan communities;

> Ensuring actions so designed contribute to Global South community-led initiatives of intra-community as well as inter-community action-learning for Community Self-Repairs with regard to Transformative Adaptation that are conducive to glocally winning the Rebellion.

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