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 Gaia House of People-to-People's Internationalist Solidarity (GHOPPIS)

XRISN Homebase and main centre of its Flagship Endeavours: the People's Internationalis Fora for Inter-Community Lifelong Learning (PIFICOLL); and the MIANOPACHABENG Audiovisual Productions. 


GHOPPIS has now been up and running as a pivitol part of our work since early 2021. In this time we have hosted many powerful sessions, including:

  • Hosting the first in-person XR UK Hive meeting, bringing together leading organisers from across XR's Network to meet, dialogue and learn from our experience of Internationalist Solidarity.

  • Hosting the formation, and regular sessions, of the XR Being the Change Affinty Network (XR-BCAN). Including the filming of discussions, hosting support circle inductions and more - see XR-BCAN here.

  • Hosting representatives of our Global South Sister Networks from Afrika, Asia and Abya Yala as they visit the UK to build alliances and progress our work.

  • Hosting many dialogue sessions between our XRISN organisers and visiting activists from across the Global South and North to build solidarity and working partnerships.


Volunteer Co-Learning Facilitators being selected and undergoing




UBUNTUDUNIA TV is a Pan-Afrikan internationalist initiated media channel for cross-community decolonisational education, in the cognitive justice promotion of pluriversality, to win global justice.

  • Ongoing videography work on XR at the 1st August 2020 Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings (PARRG) in Brixton. 

  • Ongoing videography work on XRISN in the September 2020 Rebellion Actions of XR 

  • Ongoing videography work on XRISN in the October 2020 Indigenous Peoples' Resistance Internationalist Solidarity Day (IPRISOD) Commemorations. 

  • Ongoing videography preparatory work towards the 30th April Peace Lotys Internationalist Solidarity Day of Anti-War Resistance (PLISDAWR)

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