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UbuntuPachaVidya - 'The Plantain Festival', Colombia

In the framework of the support to the actions and objectives proposed by The Grassroots to Global Citizens Assembly's-G2GCAS, from the actions that are being developed in the South of the continent of AbyaYala, the network of Affinities of Abya Yala del Sur-XRRAAYS extended its collaboration in solidarity to the development of La Fiesta del Plátano ('the Plantain Festival') , by recognizing it as part of the Grassroots Assemblies of Global Citizens with the support of international solidarity that was gestated with the development of the UBUNTUPACHAVIDYA strategy.


La Fiesta del Plátano and its communities define it as follows:

La Fiesta del Plátano is a route through the history and detached memory of Afrika, our universal mother. It is a pedagogical strategy that through our connection with the plantain, seeks to recognise, strengthen and make visible the historical memory, cultural and natural diversity of the ethnic, afro, black, raizal and palenquero peoples; promoting and sharing their ancestral knowledge and their territorial spaces."

A space to share ancestral knowledge from different regions of Colombia where the plantain is the common thread of these events. From each collective territorial experience we want to give the necessary strength to the communities to allow us to dream and return to autonomy and sovereignty.

The plantain was chosen as the articulating axis because of its importance and impact on the history of the Afrikan diaspora, gastronomy, ancestral medicine and as a raw material in various countries of the world and its articulation with Afrika.

This pedagogical strategy is planned to occur on a biennial basis (every two years) starting in September of this year 2021 with workshops, urambas and preparatory talks; and then events held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October this year in 5 territories in Colombia:

(For videos and footage of events find them here)

For La Fiesta del Platano subsequent versions, the plan is to integrate it into various cultures around the world.


The main ancestral principles and criteria to be kept alive in this festival are the following:

  1. Caring for the Spirit

  2. Caring for the Seed

  3. Caring for the Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

  4. Caring for the diverse Lives in the ecosystems to maintain the natural harmonic balance of our Mother Earth".

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