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4ºC + World Ecocide Alarm Project (WEAP)

Now is the time to seize together for #PlanetRepairs!


This is a special Global South-led initiative by the XRISN, Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Campaign (SMWCGEC) and a Worldwide Movement of Movements' collaboration with Extinction Rebellion UK affinity networks: XRAAAN in Afrika, XRANA  in Asia and XRRAAYS in South Abya Yala (South America), to launch a special programme, devoted to raising the global alarm about the worsening of the Genocide/Ecocide being experienced right now, mostly by the Majority World members of our Family of Humanity, with the escalating danger of a 4ºC + World in the very near future! 


CapitalismImperialism and the entire continuum of Maangamizi criminality of Ecocide is impacting us MORE than anyone else here and in the Global South.

Facing Global Ecocide

Facing Global Ecocide

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More information to come!

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